Reisetipp & Podcast: Jean Prouvé und Nancy 2012

[Film: Jean Prouvé Nancy 2012]

Die französische Stadt Nancy feiert noch bis zum 28. Oktober 2012 den Architekten und Gestalter Jean Prouvé. Hier kann man sich über die zahlreichen Veranstaltungen informieren:

In 2012 Nancy and the Urban Community of Grand Nancy proudly pay tribute to one of their most illustrious personalities and one of the greatest French designers of the 20th century: Jean Prouvé. This genius of construction, who still continues to influence architects and designers around the world, remained faithful to his city, Nancy. He was a direct descendant of Ecole de Nancy, an Art Nouveau movement of which his father, Victor Prouvé, was one of the leading figures, and his godfather Emile Gallé was the founder. However, he too profoundly marked the ducal city with his personality, his ideas, and his many talents as an iron craftsman, furniture designer, and architectural associate. In 2001, a volley of exhibitions in Nancy celebrated the centenary of his birth. [Text: Presse]